Tea Accessories

We carry a whole range of tea accessories for brewing, drinking, serving etc.  As well as a variety of cups, ceramic and bone china, tea pots, trays, travel mugs etc. we have the accessories to help you make the best cup of tea.  All of these accessories make great gifts when paired with an assortment of teas.  We can provide you with profiles on any tea we carry to help you learn how to brew and serve the tea.  Some of our accessories include:

Tea Sock ~ an unbleached cotton bag on a bendable coated wire hanger, can be used for a single cup or pot of tea and can be washed to be used over and over.

T-Sacs ~ individual tea bags that you fill to make the perfect cup or pot of tea (these travel very well, just pre-fill, roll up, but in a small baggie and carry with you!)  Available in 5 sizes

Balance Spoons ~ 2 types to hang on your cup 

Honey Dippers ~ Sort of self explanatory, but available in stainless steel or silicone

Tea Balls ~ or Pincers which you fill with loose tea and put in your cup or pot

Collapsible Tea Strainers ~ Silicone Tea Filters collapse for easy storage and great for travelling

We are always on the lookout for convenient and cool new things to help us help you make the perfect cup of tea.  Check in store for new products. 

 balance spoonhoney dipper siliconetea  Tea Sockteas

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