We have a tea for everyone!  The health benefits of each are listed in the Healthy Living Section. 

For a complete list of our teas, click the link below.

Our loose tea includes:

Black Tea ~  Blueberry, Chai (Vanilla, Indian Spiced & Decaf), Creme Earl Grey, Creme Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast (regular & Decaf), Irish Breakfast, Lover's Leap (orange pekoe), Pumpkin Spice

Green Tea ~ Steamed Darjeeling, Genmaicha (Popcorn Tea), Granny Green Apple, Japanese Sencha (regular & Decaf), Jasmine with Flowers, Matcha Green & Matcha White (we have an entire section devoted to this amazing tea, under Healthy Living), Yerba Mate

Fruit Tea ~ Blue Eyes, Casablanca, Lady Hannah Whole Fruit, Orient Express, Bumbleberry, Bubblegum

Red Tea (Rooibos, promounced roy-bus) ~ Herbal Organic Regular, Blueberry Bank, Bourbon Street Vanilla, Earl Grey, Florida Orange, Ginger Bounce, Georgia Peach, Hawaiian Colada, Le Marche Spice, Provence, Raspberry in Paris, Sunshine Lemon

Herbal ~ Camomile, Peppermint

White Tea ~ Peony White, Earl Grey White

Blending Components which can be used to enhance your tea or any other dishes you may desire are available in Ginger and Orange Peel.  These blending components are wonderful in soups as well!

 Our wonderful Tea Company has come up with a fabulous packaging idea for it's most popular teas.  It's a unique plastic package that is resealable.  Available in Creme Earl Grey, Japanese Sencha, Jasmine, Lovers Leap, Monk's Blend, Peppermint & Vanilla Chai.  Personally I have used these to travel with and make sure I have my T-Sac filters as well.  It lets you make a personalized cup of tea anywhere!



Sample our Fudge

We make all the fudge in our store with real cream and butter. New flavours are being introduced all the time so come in and try a free taste of our delicious creamy fudge.