Coffee with_Cream

We currently stock a variety of Fair Trade Organic, Rain Forest Alliance & Direct Trade Coffees. 

We also carry a large selection of Flavoured Coffees (most are available in Decaf as well) 

Colombian Los Hermosas ~ a medium blend coffee with toasted hazelnut and brown sugar flavours tht balance with orange zest and mild fruity notes.

Colombian Dark Decaf ~ Swiss Water Process Decaffienated

Espresso BULLET ~ Bullet’s Brazilian, Ethiopian and Sumatran beans offer a full body and smooth finish to satisfy the serious espresso drinker. The unique roast cycle specifically for Bullet triggers complex chemical reactions within the beans, preparing them to yield a rich, thick crema on every shot.

Rainforest Alliance Firefly Decaf ~ This medium-dark roast coffee features a buttery body and dark chocolate notes.

Headstrong ~ blend to suite all coffee lovers. Even body, subtle acidity, slight chocolate tones with only a hint of smoke from the roast.

Headstrong Decaf ~ Swiss Water Process Deccafienated

House Blend ~ An elegant, full-bodied blend of beans from Guatemala, Java and East Africa

Metropolitan Blend ~ One of our most popular blends, a bold comtemporary coffee inspired by the tastes of the Pacific Northwest.

Rainforest Alliance/Fair Trade Organic Sierra Verde ~ Rich, medium roasted coffee with buttery, chestnut body and a mellow, citric acidity.

Special Reserve ~ Balanced flavours from Latin America are brightened by winey Ethiopian notes. 

Viennese ~ This European-style coffee offers full bosy with smooth, bold flavour and aroma..

Our Delicious Selection of Flavoured Coffees

Caramel Nut (regular & Decaf), Christmas Blend (seasonal), Cinnamon Hazelnut, French Caramel, French Vanilla (regular & Decaf), Elmer Fudge, (regular & Decaf), Hat Trick~ Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel (regular & Decaf), Jamaica Me Crazy, Maple Cream, Pumpkin Spice, Par 3 (Chocolate, Vanilla & Hazelnut),Vanilla Hazelnut Cream (regular & Decaf)

Now Selling K-Cups!

We are now carrying convenient K-Cups for your personal use.  We have a variety of Coffee, Tea,
Cappuccinos & Hot Chocolates.  Coffees and Teas in regular and Decaf!

Mix and match to make up your own box.

Some of our brands are Beaver Rock, Wolfgang Puck, Brooklyn, Grove Square, Higgins & Burke, Skinny Girl, Timothy's and more. 

If you have a favourite and we can get it, we will.






Sample our Fudge

We make all the fudge in our store with real cream and butter. New flavours are being introduced all the time so come in and try a free taste of our delicious creamy fudge.